Rutsu Tobii

Tobii started making a career out of illustration in Tokyo since the early ‘90s. 
In 1995, Tobii moved to Antwerp in Belgium where she was inspired by people's life style and artistic sense. Tobii wrote her first book "Belgium, Antwerp eno shoutai /An invitation to Antwerp, Belgium" (1997, PHP Institutes Inc.) during she studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.  
After her first book was published, she moved back to Tokyo and started another career as a travel journalist. Tobii regularly contributes articles about travel with her illustrations for magazines.
In 2008, Tobii authoured her first children's book with her own illustrations of pencil drawing. 2 of her children's books are translated into Korean and Chinese. 
Since 2013, she use the credit of TOBII & RUTSU for her fashion illustrations. (Please check for the works of TOBII & RUTSU.)

Tobii has been based in different cities since 2011, Vienna (Austria), Tokyo,  and her home town Beppu in Japan.


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